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  • Craig Harrell

Does Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repair?

Updated: Apr 16

If you're reading this, you might be dealing with an unpleasant problem: a broken sewer line. It's a homeowner's nightmare, but not all hope is lost. The silver lining? Your homeowner's insurance might just come to your rescue. Today, we're tackling the question, "Does insurance cover sewer line repair?" and we'll guide you through the necessary steps to take if you find yourself in this sticky situation.

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When Does Home Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repair?

Typically, your homeowner's insurance policy covers damage to your home and property due to sudden and accidental incidents. These may include events like fire, theft, and certain types of water damage. However, when it comes to sewer lines, the coverage can get a little murky. Under a standard homeowner's insurance policy, any damage caused by wear and tear or poor maintenance over time is usually not covered. This often includes the sewer line, as problems can arise due to age, tree root intrusion, or simply the gradual wear and tear that comes with constant use.

However, if your sewer line is damaged by a covered peril, such as a fire, an explosion, or perhaps an errant vehicle smashing into your property, your homeowner's insurance policy might cover the necessary repairs. The coverage extends to the part of the sewer line that lies within your home's structure and your property's boundary line.

One important caveat is that while insurance may cover the damage caused by the backup of sewer lines into your home, the repair of the actual sewer line might not be covered. This is where sewer backup insurance or water backup coverage can come in handy. This special add-on to your homeowner's policy can provide coverage for damage due to water backing up into your home from drains or sewers. In summary, it's essential to review your homeowner's insurance policy carefully. If it doesn't provide coverage for sewer line repair, you might want to consider adding specific endorsements or riders to ensure your peace of mind.

Steps to Take When Your Sewer Line is Damaged

If you suspect or have confirmed that your sewer line is damaged, here are the steps to handle the situation:

  1. Identify the Problem The first signs of a sewer line problem can range from a gurgling sound coming from the drains, slow draining sinks, or the worst-case scenario, sewage backup into your home. Once you notice these signs, it's time to get a professional involved.

  2. Contact a Professional Hire a licensed plumber to assess the situation. They have specialized tools like sewer cameras that can diagnose the problem without having to dig up your yard.

  3. Review Your Insurance Policy As mentioned earlier, whether your insurance covers sewer line repair depends on the cause of damage and your specific policy details. If the damage is due to a covered peril, contact your insurance agent right away. Provide them with all the details and work closely with them to understand what your policy covers.

  4. Get a Quote for Repair or Replacement Depending on the severity of the damage, you might need to repair or replace the sewer line. Get a quote from a few local plumbing companies to ensure you're getting the best price and service.

  5. File a Claim If Applicable If the damage is covered by your insurance, file a claim as soon as possible. Keep all receipts related to the repair work, as your insurer might require them during the claim process.

  6. Schedule the Repair or Replacement Once everything is in order, schedule the necessary work. Bear in mind that while sewer line repair or replacement can be disruptive, it's crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy home.

Getting Out of Sticky Situations with Harrell Adjusting Services

Navigating through a sewer line repair can be challenging. The coverage offered by your homeowner's insurance largely depends on the specifics of your policy and the cause of the damage. Stay prepared by understanding your policy thoroughly and consider investing in additional coverages if necessary. If you're struggling with your sewer line repair claim or need help communicating with your insurance company, we can help. Our team at Harrell Adjusting Services will work for you and advocate for you with the insurance company.


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