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Harrell Adjusting Services specializes in expert assistance for disputes over home, business, and boat insurance claims, aiming to secure favorable results for those dissatisfied with their insurance claim outcomes.

Whether you're facing challenges with property, commercial, or marine insurance claims, Harrell Adjusting Services is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of insurance disputes.

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Harrell Adjusting stands out as Florida's premier public adjuster for commercial buildings, residential properties, and boat claims due to our expert handling of insurance disputes.


We distinguish ourselves with a proven track record of maximizing claim settlements, demonstrating an unmatched commitment to our clients' best interests. Our focus spans a broad range of claim types, ensuring that each client receives personalized and effective representation. Our success is rooted in a deep understanding of the insurance industry, combined with a steadfast dedication to fairness and client satisfaction.

  • What is a certified public adjuster in Florida?
    A certified public adjuster in Florida is a licensed professional who advocates for policyholders (property owners like you) in insurance claims, ensuring fair settlements from the insurance companies. This is a common practice that increases your chances of favorable results from insurance claims for your home, property, business, or watercraft. Call Harrell Adjusting Services today to schedule a consultation.
  • Why hire a certified public adjuster in Florida?
    Certified public adjusters navigate complex insurance processes, assess damages accurately, and negotiate with insurers to maximize your claim payout for residential, commercial, or boat claims.
  • How does a certified public adjuster differ from an insurance company adjuster?
    Unlike insurance company adjusters, certified public adjusters like Harrell Adjusting Services, work exclusively for policyholders (you), prioritizing your interests to secure fair compensation.
  • Are the services of a certified public adjuster worth the investment?
    Yes, hiring a certified public adjuster can significantly increase your claim payout, covering their fee and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. To schedule a consultation – call Harrell Adjusting Services today!
  • Can a certified public adjuster in Florida reopen a previously settled claim?
    Yes, under certain circumstances, a certified public adjuster can reopen a claim if additional damages are discovered or if the initial settlement was insufficient.
  • Are there limitations on the types of insurance claims a certified public adjuster can handle in Florida?
    Certified public adjusters in Florida can assist with a wide range of claims, including property damage, business interruption, and other related insurance disputes.
  • What are the negatives for using a public adjuster?
    Harrell Adjusting Services are widely known as Florida's #1 Public Adjuster. With over $20 million in settlements for property owners – we works for you, to obtain the best case results from the insurance company. However, there are a few common pitfalls to avoid from hiring another public adjuster: Choosing The Right Adjuster: Other adjusters only handle major property damage claims. Don't allow the myths of public adjusting deter you from the fact that public adjusters are definitely necessary when dealing with expensive claims and catastrophic property damage. Harrell Adjusting will handle any claim, big or small. Percentage of Settlement: Everyone deserves payment for his or her services. That is how we make a living. However, the fact remains, the public adjuster you choose to hire to handle your insurance claim doesn’t get paid until you do. Public adjusters are paid a percentage of the claim settlement. The Process Can Take Time: Most of the time, insurance claims handled by a public adjuster are pretty cut and dry. We file the claim, we stay in constant communication with your insurance provider, and we get the policyholder a just settlement. The fact is, by letting a public adjuster handle your claim, things will move faster than if you handled it yourself.
  • What are the advantages of hiring a Public Adjuster?
    Harrell Adjusting is widely known as Florida's #1 Public Adjuster. We've built this reputation through expert knowledge and transparency with all clients. Below is a list of a few benefits to consider before hiring a Public Adjuster: Certified Professional: We know everything there is to know about insurance, types of claims, how to negotiate better settlements, and every imaginable type of home and commercial property damage claim. Becoming one of us is not an easy thing to do. You Have An Advocate: Property damage is no picnic. Even if you have insurance that you know will cover your loss, there is going to be stress involved. Often times even heartache. If you have lost your home or business to fire, for example, or flooding, you are going to be devastated. Higher Chance Of A Higher Settlement: A report from the Florida OPPAGA, a legislative office of policy analysis, states that a public adjuster gets policyholders on average 747% more in their insurance settlement than if they had not used one. This is proof positive that by using a public adjuster you’re assured much more money for your insurance claim.
  • Can I hire an attorney to settle my property damage claim?
    Public adjusters are experts in determining the total scope and value of property damage and business interruption losses. When a policyholder turns to an attorney to help settle a claim, it’s not uncommon for a public adjuster to be hired by the attorney for their expertise in these areas.
  • Why can’t I just use my insurance company's appointed Adjuster?
    There is one key difference between a public adjuster and the adjuster provided by an insurance company: a public adjuster works on behalf of the policyholder to settle a claim for the maximum amount possible, while the insurance company’s adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company. The adjuster assigned to your claim by your insurance company will be looking out for the company’s best interests.

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Residential Claims

Providing specialized support to those who face challenges with insurance claims.

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Expertly navigating the complexities of business insurance for optimal outcomes.

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We assist in ensuring boat owners receive just compensation for boat damage claims.

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