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Whether your boat has suffered minor damage or has been significantly impacted by a severe storm, navigating the aftermath can be both challenging and stressful. Initiating a claim with your insurance provider often results in unsatisfactory responses, adding to the frustration. Leveraging our expertise, cultivated over more than 25 years in the Insurance Claims Industry, we stand ready to assist you during these trying times. Our goal is to streamline the claim process, guaranteeing that your case is addressed justly and swiftly, allowing you to concentrate on recovering and moving forward.

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Unfair Payout

Navigating the intricate and stressful insurance claim process independently, you find yourself with an offer from your insurance company that doesn't adequately compensate for the damage incurred. Following considerable time and effort spent grappling with bureaucratic hurdles, the prospect of settling for less than what you rightfully deserve becomes a reluctant consideration. This outcome is precisely what your insurance provider anticipates. Allow us to intervene and advocate on your behalf.

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Supplemental Claim

After agreeing to a settlement with your insurance company, you realize that the compensation significantly falls short of covering the full scope of the damage. The settlement amount barely scratches the surface of the expensive components, repair services, and the losses you've encountered, nor does it account for unforeseen issues that arose after accepting the settlement. Your insurance provider will likely employ every strategy at their disposal to prevent the reopening of your claim.

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Denied Claim

You've filed the paperwork and your insurance company comes back with frustrating news: the damage was not covered by your policy. This results in a denied claim. The fast is hidden in the complicated legal jargon of your policy. This is where Harrell Adjusting Services can step in and fight for you. We will read through every detail of your policy and prove with our damage inspection that your insurance company is required to cover the damage.

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