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When Is The Right Time To Contact A Public Adjuster?

Updated: Apr 16

When is the right time to contact a public adjuster? Fires, floods, and hurricanes can all do devastating damage to your home or business. Picking up the pieces is a traumatic time. In addition, you now have to deal with your insurance company and make sure you file a meticulous claim to recover from your damages. You’ve spent years making the payments to your insurer, but after a loss, the entire insurance claim process can feel like a kick in the gut. You do not have to go through the process alone and unguided. An expert public adjuster, like Craig Harrell, can make the process much easier. In this article, we’ll explain when to call a public adjuster and how they can help.

when to contact a public adjuster

A Public Adjuster Is On Your Side.

The insurance companies employ adjusters some are independent who are contracted through another vendor and some are employees or Staff Adjusters. These professionals investigate claims and decide how much should be paid out in benefits. Remember, like any other type of business, insurance companies are looking to minimize their costs. That includes the amount paid out for claims. In contrast, public adjusters like Craig Harrell don’t work for an insurance company. They work for regular people just like you. A public adjuster represents your best interests and ensures you get what you deserve from your insurance company. In addition, when you hire a public adjuster in Florida, they don’t make any money until your claim has been settled.

What can you expect when you contact a public adjuster?

They will handle every aspect of the claim process from start to finish. Your adjuster will make a comprehensive estimate of losses and damages and submit them to your insurance company. A public adjuster will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. (Goodbye phone tag and awkward silences when you don’t know the right rebuttal to an objection from your insurance company). A public adjuster can even help you reopen a claim for additional damages on a previously underpaid or denied claim.

When to Contact A Public Adjuster To Estimate Damages

Submitting your losses to the insurance company is the first step in filing a claim. A public adjuster can help you accurately estimate your damages, losses, and repair costs. Most consumers don’t have the knowledge to do this accurately themselves. Perhaps you greatly underestimate or overestimate the costs. This can lead to the insurance company’s adjuster offering you just enough money for a barebones repair or denying your claim altogether. A qualified public adjuster in Florida has the experience to prove an accurate, comprehensive estimate. A Public Adjuster Provides Support During The Claim Process

Maybe you’ve filed a claim but run into obstacles. Perhaps your insurance provider is refusing to pay all of the money needed to cover the damages. A professional public adjuster like Craig Harrell can provide much-needed professional support and guidance. A public adjuster can use their expertise to make sure your interests are fully represented. Contact A Public Adjuster To Reopen A Claim

According to Florida law, you have three years to reopen a claim. Grounds for reopening an insurance claim include appealing a denial, not receiving enough money to cover your damages, or identifying new damages from the incident that were not covered in the initial claim. In any of these situations, a Florida public adjuster can help you get everything you are owed and deserve.

Should You Contact A Public Adjuster?

If you need help with an insurance claim that deals with your home, business or boat, then call the office of Harrell Adjusting Services today. Our team is based in Central Florida and can travel throughout the state to ensure our clients are well-represented. To see if Harrell Adjusting Services is a good fit for your situation, call us today at 863-559-3405. Our consultations are free, and we never take a payment from you unless we recover money on your behalf. Your insurance company will have an insurance adjuster on their side, you should too.



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