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Why You Should Work With A Public Adjuster 

Updated: Apr 8

Why You Should Work With A Public Adjuster You take pride in your property, and your life can be put on hold if it is damaged. The cause may be severe weather, a fire, a natural disaster, or even a pipe bursting, and knowing how to file a claim effectively can be overwhelming. An inexperienced person entering a claim by themselves could result in bad decision-making and thus an unfair settlement.

Alas, you do not have to face the claims process alone. Instead, work with an experienced public adjuster, such as Harrell Adjusting Services, for help with the entire process. Below, we explain more about the benefits of working with a public adjuster.

Couple work with a public adjuster

What is a Public Adjuster?

Simply put, a public adjuster is a licensed insurance professional who works for individuals like you—not an insurance company. For example, Craig Harrell of Harrell Adjusting Services uses his vast knowledge of the insurance claims process to assist you in determining the full damage to your property and negotiating a fair settlement from the insurance company. In layman’s terms, when you work with a public adjuster  “They get you what you deserve from the insurance company”. 

Unfortunately, the claims process can be frustrating and complicated. Insurance companies retain staff that includes estimators, adjusters, and professionals who are representatives of their company and interests. If you choose not to work with a public adjuster, the insurance company alone will determine the settlement amount you receive from a claim. That means you may be receiving less than your fair share. 

Why Should You Work With A Public Adjuster? 

  1. Save time Public adjusters are fluent in insurance policy language. Thankfully, they understand the often complicated wording of your policy and can handle every aspect of the process—from negotiations to assessing claims and expediting the entire process for you.

  2. Less Stress An experienced, qualified public adjuster will make the entire claims process more convenient for you. Remember, they are your advocate and will be proactive on your behalf during every step of the claims process. This treatment is standard from Craig Harrell of Harrell Adjusting Services, who operates with crystal clear transparency.

  3. Better Settlements No one wants to receive less than their fair share, especially in an insurance settlement. Experiencing property damage is stressful enough, and you deserve full and fair compensation for your damages. Thus, attaining a fair settlement for clients is of the utmost importance to a reputable public adjuster. Making sure you have the ability to get back to your regular life as soon as you can is a valuable benefit when you choose to work with a public adjuster.

Contact a Public Adjuster in Florida

Whether it is your home, business, or boat, you deserve fair compensation for an insurance claim. If your property has been damaged, work with a public adjuster to ensure a higher insurance claim success rate. Craig Harrell of Harrell Adjusting Services is conveniently located in Central Florida and works throughout the entire state. If you live in Florida and have been the victim of the insurance claims process or just want to make sure you are not, he is waiting to help.

Get started today by calling (863) 845-0759 or visiting Harrell Adjusting Services to fill out a contact form, and a representative will reach out to you ASAP.



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