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5 Things To Do Immediately After Property Damage

Updated: Apr 16

5 steps to take after property damage occurs. Property damage to your home or business can happen at any time. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a plan in place for when it occurs. Craig Harrell, your trusted Florida Public Adjuster, wants to help you put this plan in place. Here are the 5 things you should do immediately after property damage happens. 

Harrell After Property Damage

Follow This Five-Step Guide After Property Damage:

Step 1: Put Safety First.

Make sure no one is harmed after property damage occurs. If they were, take them to a safe location and ensure that they receive medical attention, if necessary. In the event of a natural disaster, have your home or business inspected before returning to ensure it is structurally safe and sound.

Step 2: Document Everything.

Document all damage as thoroughly as possible. Take photographs and videos to back up your claim. Complete a full walkthrough of the property. There could be hidden damage lurking outside of the readily visible damage. Sometimes, it is best to contact a public insurance adjuster, like the ones at Harrell Adjusting Services, to spot damage that could be overlooked by an untrained individual.

Step 3: Prevent Further Damage

After property damage happens, attempt to contain the affected areas as best you can. This could mean hiring professional help, such as a restoration company to remove flood waters or a certified arborist to remove fallen trees.

Step 4: Keep Your Receipts

No matter the type of damage you experience, it needs to be fixed. This might be as simple as heading down to your local hardware store and finding what you need. It could also mean hiring a professional to perform repairs, renovations, remediation, or cleanup. Whatever your situation, costs will be incurred after property damage, and you need to save all of your receipts. The same goes for any estimates you get to fix your property.

Step 5: Contact a Public Adjuster

Filing an insurance claim for property damage can be an extremely complex process, especially after substantial property damage. If your claim is incomplete or filed incorrectly, you could end up losing out on the money needed to fully restore your property. This is where a licensed public adjuster can be so valuable. The public adjusters at Harrell Adjusting Services know the intricate language that fills policies and how to effectively deal with an insurance provider to get a full and just settlement. 

Need A Public Adjuster in Florida?

We hope you never experience significant property damage, but if you do, please follow the steps above. This way, a licensed public adjuster, like those at Harrell Adjusting Services, can get you the money you deserve through your insurance policy. After property damage to your home or business warrants a need to file a claim, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our help is risk-free - we don't receive any money unless we recover money for you. We will make sure your claim is filed correctly and on time, helping you receive the compensation you need to repair any damage. Based centrally, our team works with clients located anywhere in the state of Florida. To find out more or schedule your free assessment, give us a call today at (863-845-0759) or click here to send us an email.


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