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How to Be Prepared For a Hurricane in Florida

Updated: Apr 16

Are you prepared for a hurricane? Tropical storms and hurricanes are part of life in Florida. Whether you live in Pensacola, Tampa, Miami, or anywhere in between, you know the threats of the torrential rains and turbulent winds that these tropical terrors bring. During hurricane season, you can't be caught sleeping on your preparations.

Craig Harrell, your premier insurance adjuster in Florida, knows no one wants to deal with insurance claims and construction after a storm. Follow these great tips on how to be prepared for a hurricane and protect your home, business, and boat from unnecessary storm damage.

prepared for a hurricane storm

How Much Damage Are Hurricanes Responsible For?

According to AccuWeather, hurricanes and named storms did approximately $22 billion worth of damage in the United States during 2019. As shocking as that number is, many damages go unreported due to property owners who do not realize they have storm damage or who are at a loss of what to do after a storm. When in doubt, a qualified insurance adjuster like Craig Harrell can evaluate your property for damage and review your insurance policy to help you understand what you are entitled to after a hurricane or tropical storm. 

Know if your insurance policy provides the following coverage:

  1. Flooding and related repairs, such as water removal and mold remediation 

  2. Wind damage to siding and roofing.

  3. Repair damaged gutters, windows, siding, and roofing.

  4. Rebuilding your home or business, if necessary.

  5. Additional living expenses (ALE) if you are unable to live in your home after a storm.

  6. Loss of income if your business is not able to operate after a storm.

  7. Personal property coverage for possessions.

How To Be Prepared for a Hurricane or Major Storm.

No one wants to end up underwater, literally or financially, after a hurricane. Here are some steps to follow from Florida native and experienced insurance adjuster Craig Harrell to help you be prepared for a hurricane:

Hurricane Preparation Steps

  1. Install storm gutters, doors, and shutters.

  2. Remove debris from your property and surrounding areas. 

  3. Shut off utilities.

  4. Store computers offsite or in a weather-proof safe.

  5. Keep an eye on the weather and track all approaching storms

  6. Gather necessary supplies such as flashlights, candles, batteries, bottled water, and nonperishable foods.

  7. Have gasoline for vehicles and generators. 

  8. Seal any gaps in your windows and doors. 

  9. Trim trees and bushes before hurricane season arrives.

Hurricane Preparation in Florida

At Harrell Adjusting Services, we are here to help you wade through the trials and tribulations that Florida property owners have to deal with because of hurricanes and other disasters. With a wealth of experience reading the intricate details of insurance policies, we can help you receive the benefits you deserve if your home, boat, or business is damaged by a storm. 

Harrell Adjusting Service is based in Central Florida and is proud to serve home and business owners throughout the state. Contact us by calling (863) 559-3405 or message us online.



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